Let’s assume you have a construction project of arbitrary size that you want to implement in Myanmar. This building (or set of buildings) will inevitably have some sort of building system (large or small). Let’s assume you also want to proceed with construction legally. It will then be in your best interest to get your project design pre-approved by the appropriate authorities beforehand and actually build your project as specified by your approved design.

The process of getting your project design approved is as follows:

Firstly, determine if your building(s) are high-rise or low-rise. Local standards and guidelines dictate that any building above twelve floors high is considered to be high-rise. If your building is low-rise, your governing body is simply the YCDC (Yangon City Development Council). They will inspect your design submission and approve if it complies with local building codes. If your building is high-rise, your primary governing body is now the CQHP (Committee for Quality control of High-rise building construction Projects). For a design submission to be considered complete by the CQHP, you need:

  1. Detailed design drawings
  2. A design report detailing the specifics of your design (systems details etc)
  3. A design presentation to display and present your design to the inspection team

After examining your submission, you will receive comments on the design regarding edits that need to be made if some parts do not comply with CQHP standards and guidelines. You will then need to revise your design based on these comments, if you receive any. The revised submission then undergoes another round of inspection before being approved as the final design (hopefully). Congratulations! You are now ready to start construction.

For more details about codes, guidelines, and regulations, please visit the appropriate sites and/or contact a qualified official. Have you ever had experience with the design approval process? Is there any part of the building design and approval process you would like me to elaborate upon? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line.