Hello again! March was a rough month with lots of deadlines to meet (professionally and academically) and it took every time management skill I ever learned to stay sane and afloat. However, I have planned out my future posts, and will be posting almost everyday from now on as there is a lot of ground to cover. For this week, the focus will be as below in order of blog post appearance.

  1. The YSEALI STEM workshop debriefing! It’s been a long time coming.
  2. Some explanation of my new ASME credential regarding CFD.
  3. Other things I’ve been up to that’s kept me so busy (which is an assorted range of responsibilities at work).
  4. Some interesting recent developments regarding intellectual property and patents in Myanmar.
  5. Observations regarding many STEM workplaces within Myanmar and ASEAN.

Logging off for now to get some shut-eye, but I’m excited to finally be back! Can’t wait to post more stuff tomorrow to share with y’all.