Although the primary responsibilities for my job are technical, for extra compensation I also wear a few other hats, so to speak. Specifically, I also handle correspondence regarding non-local stakeholders and procurement (such as purchasing weather simulation files, purchasing equipment non-locally, and replying to software vendors), and am in charge of modernizing media usage as part of the general reformulation in marketing strategy dreamed up by upper management. This means that I get to use some of my less conventional skills, such as website and graphic design–and a lot more often than anticipated these days because of all the reform happening from within. Being swamped with technical deadlines as well as some of these responsibilities while simultaneously pursuing personal goals made most of March a hassle, but things have thankfully let up a little recently.

One such example of my non-technical work is shown above. This is a beta screenshot of the new website for Winter ACMV that I redesigned from the ground up–I will be presenting the site tomorrow at a town-hall style meeting in the office where final design considerations will be made before launching live within the next few weeks. The new site also comes with a blog section, which means come May onwards I’ll be doing two blogs instead of one. Just hoping I can keep it all together and hopefully delegate at least a little bit of the corporate blogging to someone else.

Well, fingers crossed–let’s see how this goes.


P.S. will not be posting this weekend, but will be back to STEMposting by the coming Monday. Cheers