Engineers in Predicaments is finally back with some more ShwePosting! From extended power cuts to my hosting storage running out of disk space to new deadlines showing up both at work and on my online courses, it seems that the universe is intent on keeping me from posting. However, I am finally back and found some time to post anyway. A lot has happened since last time, so to prevent this post from becoming horribly long I will simply list (very briefly) some of the things I will be posting about over the next few weeks, along with the future post dates right beside them.

  1. I’m making progress along a series of courses on edX! It’s been a very interesting journey so far as well as a rigorous exercise in time management with work and all, but I’ve been collecting certificates like Infinity Stones while thankfully keeping my sanity intact and my schedule “…perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” (July 1 2018)
  2. I got to meet with Dr. Gail Dickinson from the YSEALI STEM Education conference way back in March last Saturday since she was in Yangon to help out with a higher education conference involving government university faculty from all across the country. May from team Myanmar tagged along as well and we had a great time discussing so many things from graduate school to ASEAN politics to our favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). (July 4 2018)
  3. GT alumni + current student reunion last Sunday! 😀 (July 4 2018)
  4. I finally got my GT credentials recognized by the local engineering accreditation body for Myanmar after almost a year of combating extensive bureaucracy, and managed to get a lovely passive-aggressive acceptance letter for my troubles. (July 11 2018, taking some days off because I have a final for my 3rd edX course yikes)

In addition, I will try to offer some thoughts on stuff that’s been going on at work that may merit some interest, such as the challenges I faced with leading the staff transition from 2D to fully 3D design and modeling for AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) work with Revit as well as the recent surge in interest for CFD modeling in hospital environments.

I have never been busier since getting back to Myanmar. I am glad to be constantly occupied though–and it is fun to learn something new everyday even if it seems to be relatively dry subject matter. Signing off for now, goodnight world!

Your [possibly favorite] friendly neighborhood engineer,