As promised, here is my post discussing the set of courses I am currently taking!

Specifically, the course set is known as the Micromasters in Manufacturing from MITx. It is a collaboration between MIT and edX to provide graduate-level instruction in several manufacturing topics, and the resulting credential is well-recognized in many industries. I have already completed two of the eight courses required for the full Micromasters credential (Statistical Process Control and Intro to Manufacturing Systems), and will complete the third course (Topics in Engineering Management) within the coming week. So far it has been a great way to diversify and learn about a field within engineering that I am not very familiar with, as well as a great refresher on some essential business concepts frequently encountered in engineering such as managerial accounting. I am also interested enough that I may further explore the field soon. Possible new career path?

Disclaimer, however: I am not sponsored by any party (edX or otherwise) to provide a review on any of these courses. I am simply providing a brief review of a set of courses that are currently beneficial to me. I will never accept sponsors (or run ads) of any sort on my personal website because that would defeat the point of having a personal blog where I can honestly express myself.

The course is available for anyone to peruse for FREE, but if you would like a shiny new credential or two for your resume you may either purchase certificates individually for each course that you are interested in, or you may purchase the whole Micromasters bundle and do all eight courses.

Lastly, I know I run a blog that practically nobody reads because the things I post about are generally not of interest to the public. However, I can promise you that the content in my blog will be beneficial in one way or another (educational, informative, or otherwise) if you follow the threads because that is the type of content I intend to share while practicing my blogging skills. So to encourage readership and blog participation, I am doing a giveaway! For everyone who subscribes to my blog and leaves a meaningful comment on one of my posts, I will randomly select one of you a few weeks from now to receive a copy of the book Originals by Adam Grant. I am currently reading it and would like to share it with you. The first recipients of the book, however, are two of my friends who took the time to follow practically every single new blog post I make (thanks again guys)–Lin Htet Kyaw and Sofia Niarchos, please message me your personal emails so that I can properly send you the books 🙂


Signing off,