I finally got my GT credentials recognized by the local engineering accreditation body for Myanmar after almost a year of combating extensive bureaucracy, and managed to get a lovely passive-aggressive acceptance letter for my troubles. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while but I wanted to make sure my translation was pretty accurate.

Translation of the above letter to English:

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Myanmar Engineering Council Office

Letter ID —

Date: April 5, 2018

To: Chairman

Certification/Accreditation Evaluation Working Committee

Subject: Re: Continuation of Application Process approved for the Apprentice Engineering Certificate (A.E.C) of Shwe Myat Myo Oo

With regard to the above subject, the degree obtained by Shwe Myat Myo Oo who has applied for an Apprentice Engineer Certificate is from a foreign university, therefore by request of the Certification/Accreditation Evaluation Working Committee to evaluate said degree, evaluation was performed and results were presented to the (04/2018) working meeting on (10/3/2018) [10th of March 2018].

According to the above meeting proceedings and conclusions, the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering granted by the Gorgia Institute of Technology (seriously at least spell the institute name correctly on an official document) to Shwe Myat Myo Oo is in the list of accredited degrees from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and therefore is equivalent to a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from a Myanmar technological university (let that sink in for a moment). Therefore we would like to inform the Certification/Accreditation Evaluation Working Committee of this approval for continuation of the application process.


Dr. Zaw Min Aung

Chairman, Engineering Education Competency Evaluation and Accreditation Working Committee (yup, quite a mouthful)


  1. Thanks guys, guess I should’ve just stayed home instead of dragging my dumb self halfway around the world eh (if anyone from the council is reading, this is sarcasm).
  2. Seriously, at least spell the institute name correctly on an official document.
  3. Why are y’all like this anyway? This could have been concluded in a 5-minute Internet search.

Happy reading. Quite the predicament, don’t you think?

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