It is Wednesday, my dudes, meaning that it’s time for a weekly update! I’m glad to say that there’s been some exciting stuff going on lately. First of all, I met my good friend from high school Yoo Won who stopped by Yangon for a while. We’ve known each other for a grand total of nine years now, so I can’t get the old man off my case anymore! laughing It was fun getting to catch up in person for the first time since 2016, and we both had so many stories to tell.

ASHRAE Myanmar is also coming along great! We are actively in the process of being officially chartered as an organization in Myanmar. After that, we plan on doing some recruiting and maybe some seminars/speaking engagements.

Speaking of speaking engagements, I have been invited to speak at a private high school as a mentor! I will be at OiAC School this coming Saturday. More on that in next week’s entry.

Sorry that I don’t have any particular technical tidbits or life advice to share here this time. If you’re looking for a technical article, I did write something for the company blog this week though:

Hope your week has been going as well as mine so far! See you next week!