Life update:

  • Japanese: the running gag/inside joke around the house now is that I am a reincarnated Japanese person–enough said.
  • Work: Been gaining ground with teaching a more holistic design strategy for buildings, such as but not limited to considering different factors upon system loads, changing systems, etc. Attempting to introduce energy efficiency concepts into design, especially in the early stages. Working from home via Zoom is finally a regular thing.
  • Learning: I’ve traded my in-depth Python revision plan for studying for an ASHRAE certification. More on that later since I don’t fully know my study schedule or many details yet.
  • Other: I am thinking of starting a private counseling/coaching/advice session thing in the near future. Something like resume workshops, mentoring, etc. Just scattered thoughts for now, but we’ll see how far that goes.

How are you, reader? How have you been? I’d say the worst is behind us, but depending on where you are *cough* the US *cough* that may not be the case. Personally, I got through a lot with my Buddhist background, readings on Stoic philosophy (mainly Meditations by Marcus Aurelius), and a few other personal development books I’ve recently read up on such as Ikigai. This gives me an idea; I’ll make sure my next post is a book recommendation/review post. See you next time.