Gamonepwint Market CFD Simulation

Between late July and early August 2020, I performed an evaluation of the newly proposed design for mechanically ventilating the Gamonepwint market (located in the basement level of the Kabaraye Housing Estatee) as design validation. I was not able to discuss much of the technical aspects to stakeholders other than some fundamental basics in the appendix while fielding questions, but overall it was a valuable learning experience as I gained real-life insights into engineering situations. I utilized existing fan and duct design data and a Revit model of the basement to construct an appropriate engineering model, then performed a quick 1-D analysis by hand to evaluate basic parameters such as Reynolds numbers and ambient conditions. Afterwards, I processed the geometry using Ansys Spaceclaim, then meshed the geometry using ANSYS meshing. I used an unstructured tetrahedral mesh with refinement near duct openings and humans, and then evaluated the mesh for parameters related to numerical accuracy such as skewness, orthogonality, and so on to ensure no divergence occurred due to numerical errors. Finally, I entered all the data into ANSYS fluent, selected the appropriate engineering models and numerical algorithms along with their relaxation factors, and solved. Post-processing was done for temperature, velocity, and streamlines–pressure was not included in post-processing as this was a relatively simple ventilation problem (compared to, for example, operating room and car park ventilation) and the variation in pressure was insignificant and would not provide any valuable insights. The stakeholder presentation may be downloaded below.